Step into a flavor-packed adventure at our awesome joint, where we’ve fused the best of Vietnamese, Thai, and Korean street eats under one roof. Think slurp-worthy Pho, lip-smacking Pad Thai, and those oh-so-craveable Korean classics that you just can’t get enough of. And guess what? Our wing game is on point too, with saucy goodness inspired by Korea.

Plus, we’ve got a slick bar attached, ready to whip up your favorite drinks and killer boba teas that’ll have your taste buds doing a happy dance. So come hang with us, grab a bite, sip on some tea, and soak in the street food vibes that’ll take you to Asia.

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Wednesdays from 8 - 11 pm

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What a nice spot. The food and service were spot on. I would recommend for anyone to give this place a shot. The pho 🍜 was awesome, I also got the bulgogi and spring rolls. Everything was made and served wonderfully. The owner and server were both very welcoming as well. Totally recommend if you’re around the area.

Mark Manno

I am always amazed when I find these small town eateries that are just on another level. You can’t say ‘oh it’s good for the area’. Naw son, you can put this place in any city in the US and it would be great. The customer service is fantastic. It’s Asian food made by Asians.

The pho was terrific. The bulgogi was superb. Had the wings; nice flavor. If I had a suggestion it would be: if a lot of people ask for Coke Zero, start stocking that. Diet Coke/Pepsi is not the same. Also I would suggest, IF YOU ARE ABLE, offer spice levels. Not all Americans dislike spice. I know I can’t take a Thai level 3 spice, but I can take a white boy level 5 spice.

David Massey

I have been wanting to try this place now for weeks. Finally got to stop. And I must say this is my new favorite spot for boba. There is soo many different choices on boba. I even got a boba to go. I got honeydew milk tea with boba.

Their wings are amazing. They have the perfect crisp to them. Everything was perfect. I can’t wait to come back.

Britteny Osiecki