About Us

Our Story


We purchased the building located at 103 W Main Street in Annville which was built in the early 1800's. We knew it would be perfect for Annville and surrounding communities.

We opened the restaurant in October 2022 and it has been growing more popular every day. We want the community to know that being part of the growth of Annville and Lebanon County is important to us. We provide an exceptional experience every time you bite into our food or when you step into the building through the service we provide and the impeccable food we offer.

We specialize in delivering comforting and flavorful dishes, prioritizing your satisfaction by serving generous portions that ensure you get the full value of your money. Our dedication to maintaining exceptional quality means we never compromise or take shortcuts when preparing your food.

Our restaurant, named after our signature dish, Pho, is a delectable bowl of rice noodles swimming in a rich bone broth, complemented by your choice of protein. Alongside this star dish, our diverse menu features a fusion of other beloved Asian flavors to tantalize your taste buds.

At Pho Bar & Grill, our fantastic selection of boba teas is one standout item that keeps drawing both the young and the old back to our establishment. Boba has taken the United States by storm, and its popularity keeps on rising. What makes our boba teas truly special is our homemade tapioca boba pearls.

We offer a wide range of choices to satisfy your boba cravings. You can pick from 5 different types of tea as your base and add 13 flavorful options to your tea. But that's not all – we've got 13 different types of boba to mix in as well. The best part? You can fully customize your tea to suit your preferences, creating a boba beverage that's uniquely yours. Come and experience the boba tea craze at Pho Bar & Grille!

Here at Pho Bar & Grill, we not only serve delicious Asian cuisine but also provide a vibrant nightlife experience. Our restaurant features a full bar that offers a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, including some unique Asian options like Soju, which you won't find commonly in this area. We even offer boozy boba drinks for those looking to add a fun twist to their night out.

We also host exciting entertainment events like karaoke on Wednesday nights and DJ performances on Thursday nights. These nights add to the lively atmosphere and give the community enjoyable activities to look forward to. Watch for more themed nights as we continue to enhance your dining and nightlife experience at Pho Bar & Grill.

Not only do we provide a full restaurant with a full bar and Boba bar, but we can also provide catering, hosting events, networking, and building community through Pho Bar & Grill. People travel from every direction to dine in our restaurant. We have food for everyone, and whether you are in the mood for Korean double-fried wings, pho, or pad thai, we've got you covered!