Pho and vermicelli "done right" 🥘🍜 and generous portions, too, with meals under $20. Clean, spacious rooms, attentive staff, food served hot. Nice bar in back room - rarity for this type of food - and it means there are options for adult Boba tea 😉 or even sake with a meal. I might try that next time...because there will be a next time!

I'm not vegan or vegetarian so didn't ask about broth base or broth options, but love my veggies and there are plenty of meatless options on this menu: vermicelli bowls, pho, pad thai, etc

C Ross

If you are in the neighborhood and are looking for a tasty grill and Pho place. Definitely come here!

Highly recommend Pho Brisket, Pho Ribeye, Chicken Skewers, Beef Skewers, and Korean Wings. The white radish salad side. Taste very very good!!!!

LOVE they open late on weekend. We came here on a Saturday night around 9:30pm after HersheyPark. Even though they mentioned that their kitchen will close around 10pm, they still allowed us to add some food around a quarter pass 10pm.

LOVE their wonderful service. After seeing we have so many young kids, in order to avoid hot soup burn, they thoughtfully brought us a few empty bowls to cool down the Pho for the kids.

L. Han

Looking for a new place to eat and came across the pho bar and grill. Ordered a sandwich, it came with fries, chicken skewers and a Thai tea to go. While I waited I got to chat with the owner and look around and my husband got to watch the game at the bar.

The owner is cool and gave me a good recommendation for a juice bar in the area. I love that. It's very clean, well lit, ample seating and there's a bar in the back with an impressive list of drinks and a welcoming feel.

Everything was soooooo good. Food is fresh and flavorful. And surprisingly looks exactly like the pictures. Sorry for the lack of food pictures we are it all before we could get a picture.

Love it here. Will be visiting again soon. Support local business.

Chara The Designer

First time eating here, service was wonderful, food was delicious. Can't wait to come back and try other goodies!

Deanna McClary

The bar is absolutely amazing, the bartender Tyrone was fantastic. Helpful, have great suggestions and the food and drinks were amazing. I had my first Lychee Tea w/ some Tito’s to spice things up and it was perfect. Enjoyed the Korean Wings, Shrimp fried rice & chicken skewers. DELICIOUS, this place just opened and I can’t wait to come back weekly. Visit the bar!

Jessica Michaelian

We had an incredible first visit! The staff is really nice and the food is delicious. We shared the Beef Carpaccio and got the Pad Thai and Beef Bulgogi - everything was fantastic!

Juliana Knight

Amazing food! This is the best tasting Pho in the area. The broth is outstanding! We also had the Pad Thai, Spicy Korean Wings, Spring Rolls and Shrimp Rolls. All of the ingredients were fresh and wonderful. The Boba is awesome too! One caveat, it was hot in the main dinning area.

Cory Donahey

I was very excited to try this place out once I knew what it was going to be. I was introduced to Vietnamese cuisine by a close friend years ago and have eaten pho (and other dishes) regularly since.

The location is superb, the staff is very kind and welcoming, and the food is hot, super fresh, and so flavorful! I’ve tried a number of things (I have gone 3 times in the 7 days they’ve been open 😆) and my favorites so far are: the Korean wings, the shrimp egg rolls, the ribeye pho and the pork with fried egg and kimchi rice platter. Don’t get me started on the boba tea! Out of this world tasty. 🤤

The menu is reasonably priced and not overwhelmingly long. I highly recommend it to try, and can’t wait to take friends and family there over the holidays!

Sarah Louise

This is easily one of the best places to eat in and around Hershey, and even Harrisburg. The food is to die for, and the owner is clearly passionate about the food and service. They use top quality ingredients and everything is made with love.

Truly one of a kind place, you NEED to eat here if you're in the area!

Luke Gill